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Multi Construction Machines

 Under our DBA, MCM USA We offer several compact construction machines from MCM, a South African Company to the East coast of the U.S.   

These tough & small mobile machines include compact track loaders like our MS30, Compact articulated 4x4 wheel loaders like our CL30, and our new model of the Compact Dozer the MD35.  

Easy to self maintain and service coupled with low initial cost make these great choices for the small business owner with all of the available attachments such as trenchers, augers, bar cutters, forks, buckets and more.  

These same features and compatible attachments from other brands and even three point accessories with the correct attachment, make these perfect for small farms, vineyards, homesteads or any other property management applications.  

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Specialty Consulting and Training

We instruct individuals to small groups and bring ALL the required equipment to you. (No extra fees, No extra trips to secondary locations, etc). Even if you never plan on obtaining your concealed license, taking this course will give you the confidence to know how to properly handle a firearm should that need ever arise. We were the first to offer the weapon classes at home concept that so many have tried to copy. Take a look at our bio page to see how we stand out from our competition.  Do not rely on an instructor with just a basic certificate that they earned in a few days to teach you the skills needed in a life and death situation. I hold over 30 firearm and tactics related certificates and 14 years of active instruction. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed in the level of instruction that you receive in any of our weapon courses at home, no matter your current skill level, beginner to advanced.

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Custom Professional Products

 The Badass Box was forged from using modified designs of our Bang Boxes currently used to store explosives for Law Enforcement Special Operation Units. If its good enough for their most sensitive items don't you think its good enough for yours? It was built to be the most secure and heavy duty vehicle safe on the market today. Designed to outlast the vehicle that your installing it in using 7 gauge American steel, powder coated inside and out to prevent scratches which lead to rust and start the train to death and destruction.  Made to protect your sensitive items from theft not just deter them. 

We are able to make any custom designs that your application desires.

MCM USA Product line

Compact Articulated 4x4 Wheel Loaders

Compact Articulated 4x4 Wheel Loaders

Compact Articulated 4x4 Wheel Loaders


CL series ranges in size from the CL30 to CL50 model that have full time 4 wheel drive, center articulation and telescopic boom as standard features.

MS30 Compact Track Loader

Compact Articulated 4x4 Wheel Loaders

Compact Articulated 4x4 Wheel Loaders


MS25 Stand-behind track loaders, small size, 25HP Kubota engine with big lift capacity make a great little machine that doesn't require a second mortgage on your home. Newly launched ML30 has even more power with its 34HP Perkins!

18DS Excavator

Compact Articulated 4x4 Wheel Loaders

18DS Excavator


Long reach compact Excavator with our 18DS series has interchangeable buckets and hydraulic attachments such as the breaker shown here. Larger models available as well, Check MCMUSA.Equipment website for details.