Who we are



 Blue Line Breachers, LLC is not your average company. We believe in teaching tactics and techniques that have been proven to work in today's ever changing environments. 


We believe that every day is a training day.   

As a wise old General once said, a mans   

education is not over until he dies.   

Our old school work ethic and dedication to our Country and its members are parallel to none. 



All of our metal products are 100% made here in America.

Such as our extra heavy duty vehicle gun safe that was designed by current Law Enforcement Special Operation explosive breachers to secure and contain explosives from theft. 

We assure you its the hardest target on the market in portable  security for all of your sensitive items.



All of our products and techniques are used by us, to protect and defend our most precious assets, our Country, Family and Freedoms.


Please contact us for your training, consulting and product needs at Info@BlueLineBreachers.com     if you are looking for information on the Bang Box product line please contact us at Info@Type3BangBox.com


Always Train for the 1%

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